Journalists: How to transition to a job in tech

Mark S. Luckie
2 min readJan 16, 2017

I know that familiar whisper. The “hey, can I talk to you for a sec?” or “ can we grab a coffee sometime?” request. I get the question at least a few times a week: “How do I get a job in tech?”

Many technology companies are looking for people with journalism skills for roles ranging from corporate communications to partner managers to internal strategists. In these positions, journalists can connect directly with news consumers and shape how they interact with the platforms they love.

Up until a few years ago, a journalist jumping ship for any other industry was considered blasphemous. But with the changing career landscape and the increasing number of positions at startups and in Silicon Valley, the potential transition has become more appetizing than ever. And I’m here to help.

On January 19th at 2 pm ET, I will host a webinar focused on how journalists can land a career in tech. It will focus on everything you need to know: how to find the right position, translating your skills to a new environment, the technology and terminology you’ll need to know, the business structure of companies in the industry, negotiating pay and stock options, reframing your resume and, most importantly, where to find these attractive jobs. Also, for those interested in creating their own startup or curious how to make a transition back to journalism, there will be practical road maps for you too.

The course will draw from my experience as the Manager of Journalism and Media at Twitter, the Head of Media and Journalism at Reddit and a career at the intersection of the internet and technology. In addition to authoring The Digital Journalist’s Handbook, I have also written extensively about the changing nature of the journalism industry. I am also the founder of SouledOut Cinema, a new startup focused on African-American cinema, Today in BlackTwitter, an algorithmic encapsulation of trending topics, and 10,000 Words, a journalism technology resource site sold to MediaBistro after a four-year run. This course will be an amalgamation of my experiences and those of my colleagues who have forged paths in the technology sector.

The webinar will take place in a discreet online environment, accessible by desktop browser, phone or through your mobile device. You’ll be able to anonymously ask questions and get the answers you’ve been looking for. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of their current profession.

Register now to join what will be a transformative moment for everyone who attends.



Mark S. Luckie

Author of the Lambda Literary Award finalist novel DO U. and The Digital Journalist’s Handbook. Veteran of Reddit, Twitter and The Washington Post.